Dear Contractors and homeowners,

Please see below.

We would like to issue a servers alert about logistic challenges resulting from first Covid-19 and now riots, protests and general civil unrest in various parts of California and other servicing states at this time. Service are impacts and suspension of services within building departments at a moments notice is the challenge we face right now.

Please know your project is important to us. The building departments are changing protocol almost daily and even when their website pages say they are offering services, please know this is not the case. Building departments cannot update their websites regularly because most content has to be approved by a board. With board members not working regular schedules and building department working short staffed we ask that you trust us and our knowledge with each department. The pandemic and the civil unrest is something most of us have not dealt with in our life time and will take a period of time to adjust. 

Some people have returned to a normal life but as you all know the building departments are a run by the government and cannot just jump into business as normal. Certain protocols and safety measures have to be put in place.


Please bear with us and feel free to email as we will keep you all updated to the best of our ability. 



 Permit Services Team

Please understand not all building departments are available to access due to protests and riots. We do not want to put our runners in danger and are reaching out to building departments before picking up or going in person to apply for permits. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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  • Time and money saved by letting office personnel, managers and crew chiefs do their jobs rather than stand in lines at the city halls. Let your sales reps spend their time bringing you new business.
  • An itemized bill with all cities and permit numbers, covered by one low permit fee, eliminating the headache of writing out separate checks to every city you do work in. Making your book keeper happy.




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